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The Miniseries (1960s)

  1. The synthesis of algorithmic systems, Perlis
  2. Computers then and now, Wilkes
  3. One man's view of computer science, Hamming
  4. Form and content in computer science, Minsky

Season One (1970s)

  1. Some comments from a numerical analyst
  2. Generality in artificial intelligence
  3. The humble programmer
  4. The programmer as navigator
  5. Computer programming as an art
  6. Computer science as empirical inquiry: symbols and search
    1. Complexity of computations
    2. Logic and programming languages
  7. Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style?: a functional style and its algebra of programs
  8. The paradigm of programming
  9. Notation as a tool of thought

Season Two (1980s)

  1. The emperor's old clothes
  2. Relational database: a practical foundation for productivity
  3. An overview of computational complexity
    1. Reflections on software research
    2. Reflections on trusting trust
  4. From programming language design to computer construction
  5. Combinatorics, complexity, and randomness
    1. Computer science: the emergence of a discipline
    2. Algorithm design
  6. The search for performance in scientific processors
  7. Micropipelines

Season Three (1990s)

Season Four (2000s)

Season Five (2010s)